CircleAs a volunteer

We welcome volunteers who are willing to work in the craft sector, if you are interested please email us at

CircleAs a Trainee

We, at Beeja would be happy to host interns from varied backgrounds to come and intern with us. Rural management students, social workers, design students or if you think your contribution would be relevant irrespective of your professional education, please write to us at

CircleAs a Researcher

In the process of establishing a group of designers and craftsmen we have managed to do an extensive research on the crafts and the communities. In order to make this process more effective, we welcome researchers to come and help us substantiate our efforts.

CircleAs an employee

If you are genuinely interested in the kind of work Beeja Trust has been doing and if you think your presence can make a difference to the growth and development of the organization, please write to us at

CircleAs a promoter and a partner

We have a small group of people and organisations who have extended their hands to become our partners to help us reach out to the market and make the efforts of the craftsmen more consequential by providing them platforms to showcase their works.

CircleThrough donations

We at Beeja are trying to create sustainable livelihoods for highly trained yet underprivileged local artisans.This effort needs the support of donations that will make a lot of difference to the project and those associated with it.